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Gift Ideas
Help us create a beautiful oasis in our back yard...

As you can see from these photographs our back yard is in
need of serious work. One of the reasons we purchased this
house was because it has a very large back yard (66' wide by
70' deep). We love to landscape and garden so this gave us a
blank canvus. We also enjoy entertaining outside, so our
plan is to extend our inside living and eating areas to the

We would love to have your help in creating our outdoor oasis
and hope you will also be able to enjoy it when you visit!

Our friend Greg, who is a Landscape Architect, has designed a
beautiful backyard for us. We have also asked Greg to be a
contact for guests to help guide you in your choice of a specific
gift, should you decide to help us with this project, otherwise,
general financial assistance would be greatly appreciated. We
intend to plant lots of trees, bushes, and lay patios at both the
side and back of the house. We also have plans for a Hot Tub
and small waterfall.