About Amida
Amida is a Valiant Esprit 37, built in 1978 in Seattle, Washington.
We found her in San Francisco and purchased her on April 11,
2001. She arrived in Ontario, Canada on May 11th and was
launched at Bristol Marine, not far from Toronto.

We spent several years refitting her for our voyage south.

Designer: Robert H. Perry
Hull number: 3
LOA: 37'
LWL: 31'7"
Beam: 11'5"
Draft: 5"9" ...now more like 6'!
DISP: 17,000 lbs...again more like 21,000..lots of "stuff" on board
Hull speed: 7.54 knots
Sail area: 667 sq feet. Cutter Rig.
Fuel: 40 gal
Water: 100 gal
Engine: Yanmar 56 hp (new in 2003)

Amida's Name
Amida is a word derived from the ancient Sanskrit language meaning Eternal Life and Light, Boundless
Compassion, or Oneness. Amida Buddha is the personified symbol of the formless and compassionate
Oneness that surrounds and penetrates us. Amida may be seen as a male or a female; we considered it
in the feminine form because she is the life-giving force of the universe. She is not a Creator God that is
separate from his creation but symbolizes the one reality that underlies and binds all forms of being. As
an intimate part of the fundamental nature of the cosmos, she is not seen as the Almighty or a
supernatural being, but our True Identity